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Gluten Free Perogies

26870_322083226723_7155292_n Perogies are one of our favorite side dishes. Basically, they are potato ravioli. After they are boiled to cook the pasta, I fry them up with butter and onions. I usually serve them as a side to baked chicken. Adding a vegetable or a tossed salad completes the meal nicely. These take a little time to construct. I try to get my husband to help. It is fast with help.


what you need:

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Pasta Dough
  • 1-2 Sweet Onions
  • Butter
  1. Make up your mashed potatoes. You can buy them in a tub or make them from scratch or use the instant kind. I make them from scratch.
  2. Next make up your pasta.
  3. Roll it out and "cut" it with a glass or a biscuit cutter
  4. Put a teaspoon or two of mashed potatoes in the center of the cut out
  5. Put a teaspoon or two of cheddar cheese in there too
  6. Fold over and crimp edges
  7. When all the pasta is filled place in salted boiling water for about 3-5 minutes
  8. Pour into a colander

At this point you have a few choices to make. Are you going to eat them as is with a bit of salt and pepper? Are you going to serve them with some sauce like, Cheddar, Alfredo, or Marinara? Or, are you going to fry them with onions and butter? Frying them is our favorite way.

  1. Put a pat of butter into a fry pan. I use cast iron so I use a bit more than people with non-stick pans would.
  2. Slice up a couple of onions and throw them in.
  3. Stir them around a bit so they do not burn.
  4. When they get clear put them on a plate and set to the side.
  5. Put another pat of butter in your pan
  6. Place a single layer of perogies in the pan
  7. Make sure you are using a medium heat. You do not want to burn these, you want to brown them.
  8. Turn them a couple of times until browned.
  9. Serve warm with the sautéed onions and a dollop of sour cream

Please make sure all of your ingredients are gluten free. Live,Laugh, and Enjoy! ~Fire-Eyes

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