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Green Green Grass of Home

Zucchini is blooming. The lavender is out of control. In the back you can see some basil both purple and green. Trellised behind are a few tomato plants.

Here we have, mint, pumpkins, watermelon, rosemary and some flowers. The strawberry planters are painted, but still lack holes, soil, or plants.

Another picture of the north side of the porch. Here you can see the lemon grass, and Japanese cabbage.

peanut squash

The Tower. I planted mix greens. We do not care for them. We will keep growing them for the chickens until I plant bib, butter crunch and red leaf lettuce.

Tomatoes, purple and green peppers, purple and green basil, dill, parsley and marigolds

sunflowers.....I also started planting ground cover plants between stepping stones.....

just another angle of the garden

Live, Laugh and Enjoy


Garden 1

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