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So I am cruising the social media and I see this video posted. I don't usually watch the videos on bullying and how people are upset because they are being bullied, because I have no way to fix the problem. When I say this I mean I want to take each of them into my heart and arms and personally fix "it". This is a beautiful piece of art work. It is stirring,creative, unnerving, beautiful, and disturbing. It hit home for me. So, I decided to share it here. Hate is a crazy, powerful, destructive entity. I believe that destruction and creation come from the same place in the universe. I hope we, as a world society, will tap the creation side soon. Please, take a moment and watch this video.

I am not very good at conveying my personal life experiences over the internet. I am more of a verbal story teller. This is one of the reasons we have been thinking of starting up some pod casts. Thank you for taking the time for this post and this video. Talk, write, draw, create. Do what ever is needed to get out the stories. Then link them here so I can see them. I want to know. Then maybe we can figure something more out. As a community, a family, a tribe, a clan; what ever you want to call it. We need it!

Live, Laugh and Enjoy!


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