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Making my Gardens

Last year I had many flowers and herbs. I tried to grow bush beans but they flooded and burned up. I had six tomato plants. I think the birds ate more then we did.

405670_3130556747558_878407452_n Garden January 2012


This year I have plans for more food The first thing we need to do is clean this mess.

DSCN0011 March 2013 Over Grown view from front walk


DSCN0012 March 2013 The Lemon Grass claimed the front of the porch.


DSCN0013 March 2013 Tomato garden needs cleaned up and moved


DSCN0014 March 2013 full porch view


DSCN0015 March 2013 Side Porch view


So this is what I was starting with. Everything had to be weeded. Volunteers needed to be move. With my mother and husbands help it is coming along. We took out the Tomato planter. Using most of our terracotta pots we made a tower. I plan on putting in lettuce, spinach, radishes and carrots in there. I thought I had taken a few pictures before the following ones to show progress. I guess I didn't.

DSCN0086 April 2013 the terracotta tower and the pavers we fond. Plus, all the blocks from the original tomato planter.


See all that soil. We used more then twice that and were not even finished then.

DSCN0087 April 2013 Front Porch


You can see the dark spot where the tomatoes used to be. The Lemon Grass has been cut back. I plan on moving it and the lavender. The white "poles" are 6inch PVC pipes. I have a 2 1/2 in circle saw to drill holes in them. Then they will be vertical planters for strawberries.

DSCN0088 April 2013 The start of the new tomato bed


We used concrete blocks to frame the bed. First we lined the bottom with paper bags. On top of that we put kitchen scraps. There were a lot of egg shells. The came the dirt. As you can see we still need a lot more dirt at this point.

DSCN0085 April 2013 The Navel Orange Tree



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