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My we are in the Red

Slowly we are making headway into our projects. I just keep telling myself that It will be easier to maintain then create. Here are so pictures of our progress.

PVC Pipe painted red. Drilling 2 inch holes to create vertical strawberry planters. They will end up in front of the porch.

This is just a general work in progress picture. We have had to buy a lot of soil. We should have a composter and Chickens by the middle of may. That should bring soil buying to an end!

This is a fairly good shot of the Lavender and the "filler" flowers.


DSCN0114 The Terracotta Pot Tower. The baby is growing tons of mixed salad greens and two levels of spinach. It is topped with a Marigold to help with bug control.


DSCN0115 The pot on the bottom left are all my volunteer tomatoes from last year. My mother calls it the Nursery Pot.


DSCN0116 The tomato bed is trellised off and I am going to be adding fishing line. Our goal is to give these little darlings a lot of foot room and head space. We want them to grow tall and bare a lot of fruit!in front are green and purple bell peppers, dill, parsley and a marigold. To the right is a green and a purple basil.


DSCN0117 another angel of the tomato bed


DSCN0118 In this crook we have zuchinni and purple kohlrabi. The block in front are purple cabbage.


DSCN0119 In front of the rosemary we have sweet cooking pumpkins and watermelon.


DSCN0120 Here is our Rosemary. She is so big she may need a name soon. If you need fresh rosemary; just let us know.


DSCN0121 This monster is Lemon grass. I may have to try and transplant him. He can get a little out of control.


DSCN0122 Lush Lavender


DSCN0123 First Picture after painting the porch poles red.


DSCN0124 random shot....there are rain or peek-a-bow lilies in the pot to the far left. They followed us from our old house.


DSCN0125 we put in some ground cover called ice. I am hoping it will fill in between the stepping stones. I also put in some bush daisies to simply fill space and be pretty. On the far left I planted many sunflower seeds. A lot are poking up through the ground but it is hard to see in this picture.


DSCN0126 my first cyane pepper.


DSCN0127 in the right side of the garden you can see all the mint that is trying to take over.


DSCN0128 In the front blocks to the left is Japanese Purple Cabbage.


DSCN0129 Another shot of the planters in progress and the Navel Orange tree looking mighty fine.


Well, that is that. Now I must go out and finish painting the door red and start painting blocks, porches and trim purple. I will take more pictures and update as I can. ~Fire-Eyes

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