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Sign Posts, Door Bells, and trying to make it all work.


The day started as it normally does. Get up, get kids to school. Then my mother needed help with a book shelf she bought from one of the thrift stores. Her husband doesn't think he should help with such things. I digress.

After my husband finished helping my mother he brought home a post holer. I needed to put a post in the ground so I could attach a wireless door bell. Doodle Bug, our middle child, escaped the yard a few weeks back. We are surrounded by highways, intercoastal waterways, and some not so safe areas. I was scared. I bought padlocks for the fences. This solved the problem of her leaving the yard, but created the problem that no outsider could get to our door.

A wireless doorbell was the answer. I had a post. I had cinder blocks. I had paint. I even had good dirt.  The post went in. I spray painted it red. My husband gathered up 4 blocks. He, our youngest and I painted them purple. Squishie Face, our youngest, did not want the painting to end. I, however, needed the blocks to dry and find their home in about 2 and a 1/2 hours. They did find their way to the post and will be filled with dirt in the morning.

We worked on the path way; that will one day be an arch of mexican cucumbers. I also planted a Cranberry Hibiscus at the entrance to the pathway. This is a great plant. It is very happy to live in Florida, and you can eat every part of the plant.

We planted our little row of onions that were started from kitchen scraps. The celery did not make it. If anyone wants to leave suggestions please, feel free. I am at a loss.

We started five potato barrels. I am very hopeful for this to work. From my research I found that each barrel should produce 100 pounds. That would be most excellent. This is our first attempt; so we shall see.

Another thing I tried to do was release the chicks into the run. It did not go well. Ruby attacked on as soon as they were in her sights. I am thinking of letting the little things run a bit in the back yard tomorrow while I am back there.

This post will have a door bell and signs. The signs will point the way to all sorts of places; like Never Nver Land, Narnia, Hogwarts, and Portabella Road. The holes in the blocks will be filled with soil and then planted with edibles. I have not decided what yet.

Here is a shot of the path way in progress and the Cranberry Hybiscus. All items used in these projects have been scavanged from road side piles or gifted to our family.

This is one of our potato barrels. I read an article a while back about a couple that used plastic laundry baskets to grow potatoes in. This is a simular idea. I am thinking about using this technique for tomatoes too.

It has been a long day. I know we didn't get everything done, but we did get a lot done. I am going to try and keep you all up to dat as much as I can. I am slowly but surely learning how to use this new system.

Live Laugh and Enjoy!


owls in a pot

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