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Such is the Way of the World

That is me sitting in a hospital bed yesterday. I went livingroom surfing on one of Squishie Face's books and wiped out big time. I landed on my back with my right arm and leg folded behind. There was no swelling or bruising so I did not go in right away. The pain became nauseating and unrelenting. I am getting older so I reluctently went to the E.R.

After x-rays (twice) I was told I had nothing that was broken.

After that they asked me what I would like them to do. I told them an Ace bandage would be nice. The offered crutchs and I said no. I had some at home and did not care to use them anyway. They also decided I should have two kinds of pain killers. Last but not least they told me to rest and take it easy. I try real hard not to laugh when people tell me things like that.

My little brother died almost 6 years ago. Today would have been his 37th birthday. I miss him so very much. I don't publicly talk about it often, but today I decided I would say just these few things. He was not perfect but he was my brother and I loved him with every piece of my soul. He was loving and noble. He was a cook. Grilling brats was one of the things we did. So for lunch today that is what the Roth Tribe did. 

I poured the last three bottles of Hard Cider over the brats and sliced up a sweet onion. Set to simmer and started the coals. If you don't have a custom-built grill then a weber is the way to go. It maybe a family thing, but I swear by them.

Then you throw them on the fire. Serve them with what ever your heart desires.

After lunch my mother came over. She has been helping us get the gardens arranged. This is a rosemary that is way out of control.

This poor lemon grass needs a new home. I am working out the details. You can't even see the huge clump of pennyroyal growing on the other side.

Even my little fur brother, Frodo, came to help.

Everything is being built with repurposed, renewed and recycled items that we have found or been given. The trellises are zip-tied together and spray painted red. They are in need of at least one more coat. The cinder blocks are being painted purple.

One the left hand side we will be planting tomatoes, bell pepper, and basil. We are trying a new wire basket technique. I will post more on this once we start to get it set up.

The cinder blocks will be filled with marrigold, sweet alyssum and anything that I feel like putting there.

I am planning on planting Mexican Cucumbers in front of the trellisses. I have been told the grow like Kudzu and produce all year round. I truely hope theese rumors are true. I would eventualy like this to be an archway across the path.

I was worried about my Cranberry Hibiscuss but it looks like she is doing quite well. Don't you think?

Quick and easy dinner tonight. One jar of turkey and one jar of turkey broth. Bring to a rolling boil and thicken.

Turkey and gravy poured over potatoes. We also had fresh fruit. I love it when it is simple. Plus when you can it yourself you know exactly what is in it.

I truly hope this post has found you well. Please feel free to ask any questions. Comment below with your Facebook ID.

Live Laugh and Enjoy


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