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What is with you today?

What's with today today? It has been a strange day today. We woke up before the kids at about 4:00a.m. They woke soon after. I had a hard time making breakfast but I got through it.

After breakfast we took a short break. I asked Craig if he could clean a good size path through the living room. I needed to figure out a way to get our  piano out of the house. It was a gift. It has always been out of tune. Now, it has dead spots and is filled with expired credit cards, gift card, buissness cards and more likely then not a winning lotto ticket I know nothing about. This pice of wood and string has become Doodle Bug's favorite place to hide things. Her favorite things are cards. She loves any and all cards; playing, buisness, credit, birthday, key, and post just to name a few. We dug the cards out once and I ended up looking like I went three rounds with a mean, drunk cactus. We got the thing to the door when one of our neighbors pulled up. He helped get it the rest of the way to the road. It is so nice to have good neighbors. A young couple stopped and got it. I hope it has a lovely new home.

Just to let you know; this is a long post about some of the things we did today. Read on at your own peril

Breakfast was hash browns, bacon, grilled Udi's cinnamon raisin bread, fresh strawberries and fresh squeezed orange juice.

I tried to mount the door bell on the really cool post we dropped in a hole yesterday. Yep, that was a bad Idea. I tamped the ground and filled the cinder blocks, and then I repeated this more then a few times. In the end if I touched it it would lean. No good! I say no good! This just can not work for a door bell think of what will happen if someone came up and rang the bell. It would fall! ... O.K.; yes it would be funny, but it would not be practical nor functional. I had to ask my husband to pull it out of the ground and make a deeper hole. I hate doing things twice, but when you have to, you have to. After he was done with that I was a fool to think it would be smooth sailing from there. The first thing that happened was Squishie Face decided to come out and try and dump the top of my tool box. Then after Craig found an extension cord for me, I started to drill holes to mount the back plate of the door bell. Easy peasy cheesey squeezy. Used some goodly long wood screws I had in my tool box to mount it. Then I went to clip the face cover on. No matter what I did the thing would not "pop" into place. So, I loosened the screws. I thought the back plate might of warped with pressure. Wrong again. Then the lemmings escaped. Doodle Bug and Squishie Face made a mad dash to the back yard. I would not have minded, but I was trying to finish this project in the front. Craig ran after them and brought them back. I handed him the cover plate and told him the edited version of the story. As I brought the children inside Squishie Face decided to start yelling at me and telling me to shut up. He was made to sit in my Great Grand Fathers chair until I counted to ten. He kept interupting me and I had to start again many times. I have no idea how long it took. I got to ten and I heard the door bell ring. I stuck my head out the door to ask if it was fixed. No. I apologized for breaking it. He apologized for breaking it. We both speculated that Doodle Bug had broken it. We really had no idea one way or another. Then it clicked. Not the click you hear when something makes sense. It was the click of plasic locking into place. This 5 minute project took more then an hour. At 11:40 a.m. I had to figure out what to do for lunch.

The children had Hot Dogs, chips and fruit. Their favorite. The adults had left over Chinese Food. I also drank an Angry Orchard Hard Cider. This is the first alcohol I have purchased in about seven years. I like hard cider, but have never tried this brand. It has the words gluten free on the bottle. I thought about beer battered fish. I just got your attention didn't I? Some times you all crack me up. This will not be a repeat purchase. It has a flavor similar to a light Ale and a hint of sweet. It is close to tasting like beer but not enough for me to just throw it away. I will stick to imported ciders in the future. If you are looking for a gluten free beer I would recomend it. If you want cider try a Wood Pecker.

Finished up this dress for Doodle Bug. The bodice is crocheted cotten and the length is a pink gingham print with tiny pink kitty applique. Simple pattern. I think I could make this in any size. I should make one for me and see how it turns out.

I have been reading blogs about giving chicken fodder. A lot of people use wheat berries. That is not happening in this house. For one thing, they are not cheap. For another, I do not like wheat in my house. So, I used pinto beans. Cheap and quick to sprout.

That is Ruby, Buffy, Gwendolyn, and Roxy, enjoying the fodder. Looks like I should start some long trays out side. Any one out there grow fodder for their birds? Please let me know what you think.

I put up the trellises along the south side of the cobble stone path we started yesterday. I did not have enough to go all the way to the end. They are also not all red yet. "Yet" being the operative word. I will figure something out and when I do I will let you know.

Dinner was hamburgers and French fries. Weekend eating is geared more to the children then anything else. It was tasty.

I hope this finds you well and that your day had many blessings.

Live Laugh and Enjoy!


piano on the side of the road

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