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Zoo Day!

201746_1951464110979_787172_o Today was the annual trip to the Zoo with the school. So, we showed up before the buses with double sit and stand stroller and wheel chair in hand. Then we waited. It was a good day for the Roth Tribe. I think every one had a good time. We did not have train rides this year. I am going to have to figure out some money to take them on the train. These kids love that ride. Buying an annual pass the the Brevard Zoo is one thing we try to do every year. That way we can come and go as we need. If we have a 20 minute day; that is ok. It is closer and cheaper then any theme park, and it is not as over stimulating. That is all i have for you today. Live Laugh and Enjoy! ~Fire-Eyes   191234_1951463990976_7222057_o   193431_1951506232032_1432435_o   194562_1951482751445_6918448_o   201746_1951463950975_1777892_o   202099_1951537592816_1829300_o   202099_1951537632817_1367885_o

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