These are chewy gooey goodness.

I do not like box mixes. So, I am not sure how to compare this to those. All I really know is that we like it.

BamBam Crunch!

So, I won these boxes of gluten free cereal. It was an on line contest hosted by Jenny of Creative Cooking Gluten Free. She Made Yabba Dabba Doo Cookies. I thought; "what a great idea. Using cereal as an ingredient and not just a meal or snack." So I thought about it for a while and I came up with Bam Bam Crunch Cookies. To be honest I was not sure if this would work. I hate wasting food. Also my oven has been on the fritz this past week.

The_Breakfast_Club I love the movie The Breakfast Club.  The concept the characters and the music. Have I told you my age yet? I own a copy of this on VHS. One day I will own it on DVD, of that I am sure. Now don't you think starting the day off with a Club Sandwich sounds like a great idea. I do . You should give it a try.

We added more dirt. Planted an Heirloom Tomato called a Mr. Stripy. Added green and purple bell peppers. Fond homes for purple and green basil, dill, curly parsley and a marigold. I sewed seeds for all kinds of leaf lettuce and spinach in the terracotta tower. Then I topped it off with a marigold. Mom and Craig helped carry and turn dirt. I  put in some zucchini, pumpkins and squash. I wanted to do the Three Sisters planting method this year, but it looks like I will not have enough turned Earth. That is ok. Every little bit helps.

Our son, Sabastion, just turned 10 years old. He has never really spoken to us. He pushes us and shoves things in our hands. Then we have to begin to guess. We want to be able to communicate with our son. That has been my number one goal since he was born. We have tried many things; touch pads, PECS, sign language, vocal therapies. I have tried time and time again. So far we have not be able to break through very far. It can become very frustrating. We are on a very fixed budget. His school and some of his therapist have suggested and IPad.

DSCN0070 I am not a sweet potato person. I do not like them baked, fried or candied. They are loved by most of my mothers side of the family but I never cared for them. One year I was watching the T.V. show The Chew. It was a fun little show. It may still even be on. I have no idea.

Last year I had many flowers and herbs. I tried to grow bush beans but they flooded and burned up. I had six tomato plants. I think the birds ate more then we did.

405670_3130556747558_878407452_n Garden January 2012


216591_10150164344476724_605231_n Before we went gluten free and before we had children, we used to go to Long Horn Steak House about twice a month. After Children we stopped going that often. After going gluten free we stopped all together.

DSCN0069 These are quite simple. You can personalise them. They are tasty and fun. The first thing I do is make up a package of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix. After it rises I split it into 4 balls. I place 2 on opposite sides of a greased cookie sheet. Then I pat and press them out into circle like shapes.


Sorry about the picture. I will try and get a better one as soon as I can.

Chicken Pot Pies were never one of my favorite meals. My husband loves them. After going gluten free I promised I would figure out how to make them and I did.

22654_273557611723_7606609_n This dish is not only gluten free but also vegan. We need to first collect the beans. Gather up some dried beans, Any kind will do. Get a big pot or bowl. Pour all your beans in. Mix them up and put them in an air tight container. We use an old Pickle Jar. A big one.

DSCN0055 I was sceptical when I started this adventure. I am happy to report it turned out well. After canning the slaw is not crisp but is is still crunchy. It reminds me of left over fresh coleslaw. It is nice to have a way to save all the cabbage before it goes bad. Bluntly; this is sweet pickled cabbage. This makes 3 to 4 pints. Ingredients:

baking-soda-or-sodium-bicarbonate This is a short but sweet little post. I hope it helps you in your quest. Some shampoos and conditioners have gluten in them. I am still not sure why.


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