26870_322083216723_1244996_n There are many, and I would like to stress again many recipes for this. This is the version we use. It is great to build sandwiches. This is one of our most used recipes.

I never used fabric softener until I got a machine that had a place to pour the stuff before the wash even began. Now we use it in every load. The mix can also be put into a spray bottle and spritzed on to a dish cloth. Just toss it in the dryer and instant dryer sheet!

In a large bowl or picture pour in:

  • 6 cups Water
  • 3 cups White Vinegar
  • 2 cups Conditioner (I use what ever is on sale)

Stir with a large spoon. Do not shake. It will froth and you will have a mess.


Here is a knitting pattern for wash cloths. These come out out very soft. I use a size 8 set of needles and worsted weight cotton.

Cast on 41

Knit rows 1-10

row 11: Knit 5 * P1K1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

row 12 Knit 5 *K1P1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

Yes, you can have gluten free pasta. Yes, it can be delicious. I have tried many over the counter products. I have found one that I like. Tinkyada Joy is a rice pasta. It cooks up just like any wheat pasta I have ever tried and tastes just as good or better.

Tinkyada Joy Pasta Tinkyada Joy Pasta


6091_1208628540554_1524999_n I love pie. When I was young my mother would ask us what kind of cake we wanted for our birthdays. My answer was always Yum-Yum Cake or pie. My mother would always retort with "That is not a birthday cake." Well, they were my favourites and it was my birthday.

This mix is good in a pinch, but will leave a build up in your machine if used too often. If you need to use it for longer periods of time I suggest you run 1-2 cups of vinegar through a cycle once every 4-6 cycles to clean it up a bit. Also once a month you can put 2 tablespoons of Tang Drink mix in the compartment you usually put your detergent. I do not know why but it cleans you machine and pipes beautifully.

1 part Borax and one Part Baking Soda....

easier then you thought, right?

Live Laugh and Enjoy!

~ Fire-Eyes


This is one in the long line of casseroles I make. If I can make an entire meal in two pans or less. I am so there.

Before going gluten free I made waffles from scratch. People loved them. I know people who have the recipe in their wallet. I have had people plan trips to my home from other states because I promised to make waffles. This recipe was not a secret one. It was the one my Grandmother and Mother always used. It was most likely the one that came with Grandma's waffle iron.


I use an H hook and worsted weight cotton, but you can use any size hook you feel comfortable with.



dc     double crochet

sc     single crochet

sl st    slip stitch

Foundation: Chain 4; join into a ring with a slip stitch. Or, you can use the Magic Loop Method.


I started making many of my own cleaning products. It is easier then it sounds. It is much easier on the budget. Not sure how many Tips, Tricks and Recipes I have but I will post them until I run out. Today we are going to make Laundry Soap.


These are tasty and make a great side to just about anything. Onion rings are everywhere down here in Florida. You can smell them cooking from about a block away. Now I can make them at home, and I like them even better. For bonus points; so dose my husband.


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