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We have been having a lot of restless nights as of late. The children seem to be taking turns sleeping and being awake. With three of them we are outnumbered and very worn out. We do the best we can. I drink coffee and take crazy pills. Sometimes I just cry. It is okay: Sometimes you just have to sit down and let it all out. I think some people forget that we need to do this from time to time. It is a release and a cleansing. I have done it more then I would like to admit since becoming a mother, but I think it may just go with the territory.

Saturday morning are not like they used to be. I remember sitting in front of the T.V. to eat cereal and watch cartoons. They didn't run cartoons on any other day. Oh, well, the hands of time point in one direction. We did eat cereal. Cocoa Pebbles. They are gluten free and my children will eat them. That is a win win.

After breakfast we started to get ready for the day. Getting grubbies on and slathering on the sun block; filling masson jars with ice, water, and lime-ade.

That is me sitting in a hospital bed yesterday. I went livingroom surfing on one of Squishie Face's books and wiped out big time. I landed on my back with my right arm and leg folded behind. There was no swelling or bruising so I did not go in right away. The pain became nauseating and unrelenting. I am getting older so I reluctently went to the E.R.

piano on the side of the road

What's with today today? It has been a strange day today. We woke up before the kids at about 4:00a.m. They woke soon after. I had a hard time making breakfast but I got through it.

Garden 1

Zucchini is blooming. The lavender is out of control. In the back you can see some basil both purple and green. Trellised behind are a few tomato plants.

Last year I had many flowers and herbs. I tried to grow bush beans but they flooded and burned up. I had six tomato plants. I think the birds ate more then we did.

405670_3130556747558_878407452_n Garden January 2012


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