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gluten free

Before going gluten free I made waffles from scratch. People loved them. I know people who have the recipe in their wallet. I have had people plan trips to my home from other states because I promised to make waffles. This recipe was not a secret one. It was the one my Grandmother and Mother always used. It was most likely the one that came with Grandma's waffle iron.


I started making many of my own cleaning products. It is easier then it sounds. It is much easier on the budget. Not sure how many Tips, Tricks and Recipes I have but I will post them until I run out. Today we are going to make Laundry Soap.


These are tasty and make a great side to just about anything. Onion rings are everywhere down here in Florida. You can smell them cooking from about a block away. Now I can make them at home, and I like them even better. For bonus points; so dose my husband.


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