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201746_1951464110979_787172_o Today was the annual trip to the Zoo with the school. So, we showed up before the buses with double sit and stand stroller and wheel chair in hand. Then we waited. It was a good day for the Roth Tribe. I think every one had a good time. We did not have train rides this year.


You can buy a pincushion jar from Wal*Mart for $6.98. It is plastic and cheap material. I thought that was silly so I  made some. Here is what I do. This is a sort of thing, because jar lids are all different sizes.


Here is a knitting pattern for wash cloths. These come out out very soft. I use a size 8 set of needles and worsted weight cotton.

Cast on 41

Knit rows 1-10

row 11: Knit 5 * P1K1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

row 12 Knit 5 *K1P1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

This mix is good in a pinch, but will leave a build up in your machine if used too often. If you need to use it for longer periods of time I suggest you run 1-2 cups of vinegar through a cycle once every 4-6 cycles to clean it up a bit. Also once a month you can put 2 tablespoons of Tang Drink mix in the compartment you usually put your detergent. I do not know why but it cleans you machine and pipes beautifully.

1 part Borax and one Part Baking Soda....

easier then you thought, right?

Live Laugh and Enjoy!

~ Fire-Eyes


I started making many of my own cleaning products. It is easier then it sounds. It is much easier on the budget. Not sure how many Tips, Tricks and Recipes I have but I will post them until I run out. Today we are going to make Laundry Soap.

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