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DSCN0029 I have been seeing a lot of lemon recipes the last week or so. I love lemon, so this was not a bad thing at all. Then; I began to see recipes for Lemon Brownies. I couldn't believe it! How could I have never had such a thing? I looked over a few recipes and none of them were gluten free. I decided that I was going to try.

8735_1231923602916_5462212_n These are a household favorite. They are crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. The freeze very well. Then all you have to do is take a couple out at night and in the morning they are ready to go. These are one of my husbands favorite cookies.

applespice1 Can I tempt you Mr. Grimm? I bet I can. I am from Michigan. I am told that is why I am an apple snob. I like Mackintosh apples, and Spies the best. I will not eat a red delicious I think they are mealy an tasteless. This leads to my aversion to canned apple sauce and bottled apple juice. I make apple sauce when ever I can find Macs.

389049_2596125907121_1561869044_n Gluten Free triple dipped Cod ......oh yes this was a great dinner. Our son, Sabastion LOVED them..... the recipe is very ishy (I should trade mark that) I used Cod but any firm white fish would work. Shrimp works  good too.  

387176_2867937342237_1707922866_n This is a great crowd pleaser. Sweet and salty come together in such harmony. People often ask for this for Christmas, Birthday, or any present you can think of. I am not sure where this recipe first came from. My mother started making it and it became a tradition.

26870_322083226723_7155292_n Perogies are one of our favorite side dishes. Basically, they are potato ravioli. After they are boiled to cook the pasta, I fry them up with butter and onions. I usually serve them as a side to baked chicken. Adding a vegetable or a tossed salad completes the meal nicely.

6091_1203459331327_5502840_n I have tried so many gluten free chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, fish sticks and so on. I could start a slam book. There is always something wrong. If they are good the price is usually high and if they are bad they are just plain awful.


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