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bubon_chicken I am honestly not sure how they make this in food courts in the middle of Malls. I am, most likely, blissfully ignorant. This is similar if not better; in my opinion. Also is is fairly easy. What you need:

Before we went gluten free one of the things we had in the house almost all the time were Goldfish crackers or Cheese Its. So, when I discovered I could make them it was a very happy day. Now, I am not going to lie to you. These are not easy. They are a bit meticulous and temperamental. I believe they are well worth it. My husband is going to make the next batch so I do not have to roll them out any more. 

They are Cheese Crackers


 Cauliflower and Broccoli Salad

26870_322083216723_1244996_n There are many, and I would like to stress again many recipes for this. This is the version we use. It is great to build sandwiches. This is one of our most used recipes.

Yes, you can have gluten free pasta. Yes, it can be delicious. I have tried many over the counter products. I have found one that I like. Tinkyada Joy is a rice pasta. It cooks up just like any wheat pasta I have ever tried and tastes just as good or better.

Tinkyada Joy Pasta Tinkyada Joy Pasta


6091_1208628540554_1524999_n I love pie. When I was young my mother would ask us what kind of cake we wanted for our birthdays. My answer was always Yum-Yum Cake or pie. My mother would always retort with "That is not a birthday cake." Well, they were my favourites and it was my birthday.

This mix is good in a pinch, but will leave a build up in your machine if used too often. If you need to use it for longer periods of time I suggest you run 1-2 cups of vinegar through a cycle once every 4-6 cycles to clean it up a bit. Also once a month you can put 2 tablespoons of Tang Drink mix in the compartment you usually put your detergent. I do not know why but it cleans you machine and pipes beautifully.

1 part Borax and one Part Baking Soda....

easier then you thought, right?

Live Laugh and Enjoy!

~ Fire-Eyes


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