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You can buy a pincushion jar from Wal*Mart for $6.98. It is plastic and cheap material. I thought that was silly so I  made some. Here is what I do. This is a sort of thing, because jar lids are all different sizes.


Here is a knitting pattern for wash cloths. These come out out very soft. I use a size 8 set of needles and worsted weight cotton.

Cast on 41

Knit rows 1-10

row 11: Knit 5 * P1K1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

row 12 Knit 5 *K1P1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5


I use an H hook and worsted weight cotton, but you can use any size hook you feel comfortable with.



dc     double crochet

sc     single crochet

sl st    slip stitch

Foundation: Chain 4; join into a ring with a slip stitch. Or, you can use the Magic Loop Method.

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