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Garden 1

Zucchini is blooming. The lavender is out of control. In the back you can see some basil both purple and green. Trellised behind are a few tomato plants.

201746_1951464110979_787172_o Today was the annual trip to the Zoo with the school. So, we showed up before the buses with double sit and stand stroller and wheel chair in hand. Then we waited. It was a good day for the Roth Tribe. I think every one had a good time. We did not have train rides this year.


Here is a knitting pattern for wash cloths. These come out out very soft. I use a size 8 set of needles and worsted weight cotton.

Cast on 41

Knit rows 1-10

row 11: Knit 5 * P1K1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

row 12 Knit 5 *K1P1 repeat from * until 5 stitches remain; Knit 5

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